Winning Looks with Braid Hairstyles

Winning Looks with Braid Hairstyles

Braid hairstyles incorporate a lot of amazing versatile versions, including natural braided hair styles for short, medium and long locks, small box braids, creative braided updos, twist braids among others. These looks take hair away from your face and give you a sexier and more feminine look.

Besides, you can also include your favourite hair, colour, and texture. Regardless of your hair texture, braided hairstyles will always look great on anyone. Discover this article and read more about braids.

1.Fishtail Braid.

Hold your locks in place at the back and separate them into two equal ponytails. From the left ponytail, section the hair and then pull it across the left ponytail and then repeat the same to the right ponytail. Braid the locks until you reach the tips and then secure it using an elastic band.

2.Crown Braid.

If you need a party braid hairstyle, then this is the best look for you. Any lady who is looking to embrace her feminine side should choose this hairstyle. It is effortless to create and also takes little time.

3.Spiral Braid.

If you are looking for braid hairstyles that will make you appear unique and intricate, then look no further. This is the right hairstyle for you. This braid involves French braiding, where the hair is braided in a circular motion starting at the crown to the nape.

You can style it at home, but for a more professional look, hire an expert stylist to style it for you.

4.Cornrow Braid.

Though this braid hairstyle came from African fashion, nowadays ladies from all walks of life rock it because of its crisp appearance.

You can either opt for thick, middle, or thin cornrows. Whichever stage you choose to braid your hair, you would look beautiful.

5.Box Braids.

This is one of the oldest braid hairstyles for ladies. This type of hairstyle is famous for its versatility as you can alter it depending on your convenience and even mood. Bear in mind that the longer your hair, the more versatile your style becomes.

Once you have created your braids, you can either choose to create a high bun or high box braid; you are the one to decide. If you have short or medium hair, then you can rock simple braids without much styling.

6.Easy Braided Bun.

When women choose braid hairstyles, they need the most natural hairstyles that will also not take most of their time styling. This is where easy braided bun comes in. It is the best hairstyle that will make you look seamlessly chic in hot summer months. To recreate this style, you should start by tying a high ponytail and then dividing it into two sections.

Then grab the first portion and roll it into a bun, and hold it into place using an elastic band. Take the second portion of the hair and create a simple braid and turn it around the bun you created with the first section of hair. Secure it with clip.