Why You Need A Sexual Assault Lawyer

Why You Need A Sexual Assault Lawyer

What happens when someone accuses you of assaulting him or her? Do you know the extent of damages that this can have on your profession as well as your family life? That is why you need an assault lawyer Toronto to take care of you if you find yourself in this situation.

Getting an assault lawyer is important in preventing sexual assault allegations against you and media exposure. A good assault lawyer Toronto understands the significance the allegations will have on the family and other personal aspects such as employment of an individual. So what will your assault lawyer do?

  1. Publication Ban

An assault lawyer will help you put a publication ban immediately you are accused of a crime to avoid public attention that you could be exposed to if the media had picked on your case. An assault lawyer Toronto through the court will help you obtain orders to ban any magazine and any other media from publishing your story. The ban will help the accused, witnesses and the investigators to go about the case without any external influences.

  1. Sexual Assault

The accused people in sexual cases are arrested, interrogated by the police and have a bail hearing where they can either be released or held in custody. Judges in bail hearing stage will consider the identity of the accused, the ability of the accused committing a crime if released on bail, among other factors such as the probability of the accused appearing in court if given bail as well as the presence of further evidence regarding the matter that the accused may tamper with if released.

 Factors An Assault Lawyer Will Consider In Preparing For The Case

Your lawyer will help you get proper treatment during the time when the case is being prepared, which includes ensuring that there is proper means of collecting evidence. You should be allowed to speak with your assault lawyer Toronto privately. Your lawyer will ensure that you get tried in a reasonable time and that the police conducts everything properly. Your lawyer will also ensure that you submit your documents properly to the courts and that the court can prove the case without any reasonable doubt.

  1. Punishment For Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is based on many factors such as the intent of the accused, the parts of the body touched, consent of the compliant. Other circumstance surrounding the act include the words and the gestures and any threats present such as use of force. Depending on the state a person accused of sexual offense can be prosecuted in a court of law and can serve a term of about 10 years. There are different types of sexual assault which include;

  • Corrupting morals.
  • Sexual touching.
  • Sexual interference.
  • Sexual exploitation.
  • Child pornography.

Each of these sexual assaults are treated severely by crown attorneys and in the courts of law. Once one is convicted as a sexual offender, he is restricted on;

  • Places one can travel.
  • Employments one can take.
  • Places of residence.