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Prepare Your Markham Windows and Doors by Checking These Things.

With the winter around the corner, one thing that is worrying many homeowners is whether their Markham windows and doors are ready to face the cold winter and keep them warm throughout the cold period. Poor insulation, leaks, and drafts can make you hate winter period.

But don’t worry. If you haven’t done anything and you are suspicious about your doors and windows condition, you still have time. Here are things you should do to prepare your units for the cold winter season. Click the weblink for more info.

  1. Make Sure Your Windows Close.

Your Markham windows could be the main culprit while your home will be ill-prepared for the winter. Older windows offer little assistance when it comes to protecting your home from weather elements. However, opting for new windows, your home becomes one of the best places to spend your winter in.

  1. Update the Old Single Pane Windows.

If you have single-pane windows in your old home, this could be the right time to upgrade them to double-paned windows. Double pane windows provide better insulation against weather elements. For instance, they come with an additional layer of insulation, fitted with argon gas that boosts their insulation, hence preventing heat from escaping your house.

  1. Is Your Home Getting Drafty?

If your windows have a draft, this is a serious issue that needs to be taken care of as soon as possible. That means that cold air is penetrating your rooms, while heat is leaving your home. This cold has a significant impact on your energy bills because you have to keep the HVAC system running all the time to maintain the optimal temperatures in your home.

Most drafts are as a result of your windows not fitting snuggly with the framework, or possibly, cracks along the frame. When you install new replacement Markham windows, it fits well against the framework and drafts will be something unheard in your windows.

  1. Eliminate Noisy Noise.

If you can hear wind flowing through your Markham windows and doors, then know there is a severe issue. This will only get worse when the winter comes. It implies that your units are not well insulated, or could be that there are cracks around the windows. Purchasing a new replacement window would solve this problem, and make your home a sanctuary you need.

As we said, triple or double-hung windows are the best options for window insulation. The insulation blocks the noises coming in completely.

  1. Prevent Damage from Water.

Winter is usually accompanied by snow. How prepared are your windows handle the storms? If there are gaps in your units that allow moisture get in that is will only be worse during the winter. The snow may damage your window frame if it gets any access to your home. So, inspect your windows for any leaks before winter comes. If need be, replace the sashes. This will make you save a lot of money in replacing the entire window in the future due to the damaged frame.